Panama Customs

ARTEMUS Transportation Web Based, all Media Solution provides a carrier a simple to use solutions to meet the requirement to declare cargo information to Panama Customs before transiting the Panama Canal.

The ARTEMUS TS system is directly linked to Panama Canal Business to Business (B2B) Gateway.  This gateway is a complete EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capability offered to trading partners to submit the required information for their vessels’ visits: Cargo Declaration, Crew Declaration, Passenger Declaration.   Its designed for the use of the agent (Maritime Agency) and / or the customer (Vessel Shipping Line (Charterer, Operator or owner)). Customers and agents shall be previously authorized by Panama Canal, and a Customer and Agent code shall be assigned.

With one entry screen that takes care of all cargo details, ARTEMUS TS makes the process of reporting cargo information to Panama as easy as on screen, all data elements including autofill fields of previous customer data, cargo data, cargo details and vessel schedule.

Using the ARTEMUS TS Panama Solution will cut your current data entry requires in half and save time, errors and money to allow you and your staff to focus on revenue generating activities.

When setting up with ARTEMUS to do Cargo Declarations to the Panama Canal Authority, ARTEMUS TS Clients can have access to the following functionality through the ARTEMUS TS System and the Panama Canal Authority.  This includes

  • Monitor the Vessel´s visit
  • Vessel Information
  • Create Vessels and vessel´s visit
  • Download the Vessel´s visit information Templates (VIT)
  • Upload the Vessel´s visit Information Declaration (VID)
  • Customer profile information
  • Vessel´s visit Information Compliance
  • Maritime Service Application –Business to Business (B2B) Gateway
  • Monitor the transaction submitted through B2B
  • Receive Special Notifications
  • View Instructions for the B2B processes
  • Download B2B Credentials and configuration files

Set up takes 24 hours from service agreement to start up training so you can be up and running quickly.

Don’t want to do the work yourself? Data Entry Services are available.

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