Customs Broker Services

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ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions provides U.S. customs broker services to our clients at all U.S. ports of discharge.  In addition to filing your AMS and/or ISF information to U.S. Customs, ARTEMUS can prepare your customs entry form 3461 and your entry summary form 7501 to ensure your cargo is cleared in a timely manner.  While preparing the customs entry, Artemus can assist importers with the calculation of all fees due U.S. Customs, including duty and taxes.  These duties, taxes, and fees can be paid by the importer directly to U.S. Customs or to ARTEMUS and we will forward the payment to Customs for you. We are also able to provide importers with both single and continuous bonds as required by Customs.

Below is a specific list of services.

 · Customs Entry/Entry Summary

 · Filing ISF entry

 · Food & Drug Administration Entry

 · FDA Prior Notice

 · Other Government Agency Entries

 · Additional Line Items

  Artemus can provide a single entry bond and a continuous bonds. We are excited to offer this service to our valued clients and look forward to discussing our services with you.

Would like to figure out the DUTY and CHARGES for your COMMODITY?  Click this link…choose the category and then match up your specific commodity with the Duty Rates and Fees to the RIGHT of the page.  Need help?  Call us at 866-744-7101 or email us at

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