Web Based Trade Compliance Software Applications

The ARTEMUS TS Trade Compliance products are developed, maintained and supported by maritime industry and maritime experienced – IT professionals. With ARTEMUS, our clients get reliable, easy to use web-based software products along with the knowledge and experience of staff who have worked in the maritime industry for a combined 75 years. Our products come with this service and no other software provider is able to give their clients the combination of both.

Our products are located in a “cloud” environment, which is available to our clients 24/7, through all browsers and electronic devices. All products are completely compatible with all third-party transportation providers and portals.

Our support staff are available 24/7 to maintain, improve and create customized our products to meet your organization’s customers and service needs. Our products have an availability and uptime of over 99.999% each and every month. Our web-based Transportation Systems and Services include:

ARTEMUS International Customs Systems (ICS)

This web-based product provides direct reporting of inbound cargo or FROB cargo to meet the requirements of:

US Customs Importer Security Filing – (ISF or 10+2)
US Customs Automated Manifest System (AMS – 24 Hour Rule)
Canada’s Automated Commercial Interface (ACI – 24 Hour Rule)
Japan’s AFR – (24 Hour Rule – Imports into Japan) 
Panama EDCS – (Automated Data Collection Systems)